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Since the beginning of the new millennium, Affordable Stock Inc. has been delivering hot penny stock picks that yield great returns for our subscribers time and time again. We are proud of the penny stock successes our members experience and have published right here on our site the results of every penny stock pick our expert analysts have predicted.

You will see listed in our penny stock picks history all of the stocks we have picked for every month of every year we have offered our hot. We leave nothing out and have nothing to hide! Affordable Stocks’ market experts pick at least one penny stock every day and sometimes two or three carefully researched recommendations.

We track the penny stock picks for one month, then we post the results on our History Page. will always post the losers along the winning penny stocks. Our stock pick history shows an excellent track record of penny stock winners as compared to losers and we are pleased to show these results to the public.

Some stock pick websites will show winners and just a few, not all, of their losers to make things look good. Often these sites will show winners that have finally made a profit 6 months down the road! Affordable Stocks always publishes our penny stock picks performance after one month of trading. Winners as well as losers! You will see we hide nothing. We are upfront with all of our picks and our history.

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