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I researched all of your picks for the past four months and created a spreadsheet documenting your buy it point, the low, the high and closing price for that stock. I did this for both the low and the higher priced stocks.
The one word that comes to mind to describe you is, GURU. You have the ability to see the future market movements. I wish I too had that ability. I play with numbers all day long; but never at your level.

George Brooke

At first, I was concerned that your picks, although obviously successful, did not fit my investing style. I run all picks through some pretty fine filters. Then, I bought ORCH at $2.21, based on your recommendation. In three days, I made enough money on that pick alone to pay my subscription to your service for the next eight or nine years. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Larry Jordan

You are truly the best site I have found for excellent stock picks. I have tried them all. They sign you up for a year contract and won't give you a refund when you find out they are crap! I first signed up with you because you bill month to month. I figured if you were crap like the others, I would just cancel. I was surprised to find out you really are quite good at picking stocks that go up. This is why you give the option to cancel each month. You know people will not cancel and stay with you. I finally figured it out! Well, I for one will be staying with you and I thank you for the great customer service and the money you have made me.

Steve Borden

I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful picks over the last few months. I'm speaking of your site that deals with the NASDAQ listed penny stocks. I've subscribed to many stock sites and none of them even come close to yours when it comes to stocks that really do move up!!! I've been charting a lot of your picks and seeing how they move and it looks like over 75% or more of your picks at least go up a little bit within a month that you pick them.
Some of them double/triple in value. As I look at your past "history", Even your "history" over the last couple of years is incredible....Anyway, due to your site I've made some good money in the last couple of months, so I just wanted to thank you. Feel free if you ever want to include testimonials on your site to include mine .....I don't know what your secret is, but whatever you are doing, you are doing it right! I really laugh at those people that say technical analysis doesn't work....Please, just don't go away any time soon!!!!!!!! take care and thanks again!.....

Dusty from Sacramento

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. I was laid-off my job at the end of May. I was playing around on the Internet when I found your website. I looked at your your history and noticed that even though not all of your stocks when up by the time you posted them they seemed to have gone up since. I don't have a lot of money to play with (boy, I wish I did...I'd be rich) but the money I have made with your picks is a big help these days. Over a year ago I subscribed to a penny stock website which got me nowhere and I was leery of subscribing to another. But with your low price and it being a monthly charge rather than being locked into a yearly subscription price was attractive to me. Thanks for restoring my faith and helping me make some money in this market. I will defiantly recommend you to my friends! Thanks again!

Kathy Sonia

I just want to say one thing : YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WEB AND PLEASE KEEP
THE GOOD WORK . Thanks .Best Regards

Faisal Almeshari

Hi everyone, this is John. Just wanted to let you know I'm still with you because I made about an 11% return on my investment in GW. Could have made of 20% return, but didn't get out when I should have. So I learned a lesson on that. Take the profit and move on. I bought GW on a dip 3.61 and sold at 4.03. Well, hope this continues and hope you make a lot of money off of me, because that means I'm making a lot of money off of you......Regards,


I have enlisted your services once before and am doing it again for a long term basis. I was wondering how long you planned on keeping your site open. I have been telling all my friends and co-workers about your site. I hope this has brought ya'll business. I think you do a great job and keep up the hard work. Thanks.Sincerely

Scott Scharling Dallas, TX

I heard about you on the Sirius chat board - back stage. Someone said they made $8,000 from you and you recommended Sirius. I have 2,000 shares of Sirius. That was good enough for me to investigate you.


Thanks for a great site, the stock picks you have suggested so far this month have been very successful. Penny stocks are all that I can afford to trade at present given the exchange rate ($AU to $US) and the small capital outlay I have set aside for trading. Thanks again,

Russell Miles

I'm looking forward in using your company service. You have an outstanding track record. The first stock, I have received from you, has gone up. Thanks, for the excellent service. Your new customer;

David Long

Thank you very much for resending me your stock pick for Monday that I missed due to my server down. Also, thank you for your picks. They are really good.

Jinzhou Huang

Hi, thanks for the notice. Paid with credit card. Keep up the great work. I watched at first, now impressed and recovering losses. Joe I have been a subscriber now for several months and have benefited from your picks greatly! keep up the great work!!

Scott Sylvester

I own SGR. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate your service and you are good stock pickers.

Joe Hadley



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